About Peter Pfister

       Greetings, my name is Peter Pfister and for as long as I can remember I have been in love with the timeless art of manipulating and organizing stones.   As a child I spent countless hours building stone forts, walls and creek dams in the forest of Unity NH.  At 18 I left my sweet forest home to embark on a journey to the ancient mountains of Asheville, NC.  I enrolled at Warren Wilson College.  The summer before college I had  a reacuring dream.  I was beautifying  house and yard with stonework.  All the people lived on the side of a misty mountain and they were all smiling and laughing and loving my stone work.  At this point I really had no idea that this dream would become a reality.

     WWC turned out to be the perfect place to make my dreams a reality.  The college has a work program where the students do all the work from auto shop to farming to cleaning.  I was on the landscaping crew when I first learned the art of stone masonry.  Some students had taken iniative and were building a stone meditation hut.  I jumped in on the project and immediately knew that this was for me.  Once the meditation hut was complete,  I started my own project of building a brick wood fired baking oven faced in stone at the student run sage cafe.  I was hooked for life.  Upon Graduation in 2004 I immediately started getting jobs and have been building with stone ever since.
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